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        Welcome to the Wujing Jingcai Textile Co.,!

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        Wonderful textile products

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        about the fabric unable to keep pace with fashion?

        Professional analysis, research and development team, advanced
        testing laboratory to ensure that the monthly 8-10 new models
        push Out for customers to choose;

        Professional R&D team, advanced equipment and testing centers
        for 16 years as one day, always grasp fabric trends,early research
        and development of new products;

        Fabric preparation of multi-category large inventory to ensure
        that provide customers with timely delivery support,
        in order to avoid delay misuse customer's production and losses.


        about no guarantee of the quality of the fabric?

        Wujiang Textile Co., Ltd. has a wonderful weaving factory, experienced
        dyeing factories and finishing plant long-term cooperation, formed
        a close working relationship.

        Professional QC team to control the quality of all aspects to ensure
        that every order is successfully delivered to the customer.


        about the price competitiveness?

        Factory direct sales, reduce intermediate links, modern modes of
        production, reduce production costs, the price advantage.

        A long-term strategic partnership with a number of large fabric
        production cooperation manufacturers to ensure production quality of
        all aspects of security.


        about the after-sales service?

        The nation's major stores have fabric market, seamless, zero distance
        service allows you to worry aftermarket products.

        Every customer, we will be hard to service

        All the information management processes, more convenient, efficient
        and provide better customer service.


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          make an offer

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          confirm the order

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          draw design A and design B

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          confirm the color

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          bulk production

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          after-sales service

         home textile fabric 

        Professional production technology, produce individual fabrics

        Service Hotline:0512-63800377

        Scan the 2D code, focus on Jingcai WeChat public No.

        Entering Alibaba store, you can make deal with us. (online consult, online message)

        Into Wujiang wonderful more+

        Wujing Jingcai Textile Co.,

              Wujiang Textile Co., Ltd. is a wonderful set of chemical fiber weaving, dyeing in an integrated textile company
              The company is located in Shengze chemical fiber fabrics processing base, with internationaladvanced Japan jet G high-speed looms TsudakomaZAX-230, KSH500 whole, pulp and and sectional...



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        Congratulation of the formal online of the Wujing Jingcai Textile Co., Ltd website

        Congratulation of the formal online of the Wujing Jingcai Textile Co., Ltd website

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